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Welcome to dot.

Welcome to The Dot Group, our unique family of market-leading businesses founded by CEO Nicholas Porter, focused on transforming student living by shaping a better future and creating sustainable value for generations to come.

It’s an incredibly exciting time as the student living economy matures and enters its next phase of growth, with demand for education remaining the driving force.

For centuries education has been at the forefront of society, prevailing and thriving through good times and bad. This theme continues to play out across the world, from the developed to emerging economies, where investment in education is growing as demand continues to increase. This is reflected by the 228 million students globally and forecast to grow to 265 million by 2030.

We’ve created Dot to make the most of this compelling opportunity through connecting our expertise as a family of businesses to spark change and unlock growth. Through combining our experience, we can access all aspects of student living like no one else. By bringing our group together under our new identity, we’ve aligned our businesses to be part of a vision that provides an unrivalled offering to meet the needs of students and long-term investors alike. Better living. Bigger impact.

Why are we doing this now? It’s simple as it’s the right time given our global footprint and market intelligence that exists within our group: our businesses have asked for it and the market wants access to it.

Dot is comprised of Global Student Accommodation, a global real estate asset and fund manager; Yugo, a global branded student operator;, a global online marketplace for student accommodation; and Kinetic Capital, a student living debt financing platform.

All four are united in their entrepreneurial spirit, passion for international growth, empowerment to make a difference and constant commitment to collaboration. Together, they operate in more than 180 leading educational cities across 30 countries.

Since creating a new vision for student living over 30 years ago, we’ve been continuously pioneering and evolving the sector, drawing on the energy and optimism of the students we serve to deliver an unmatched experience.

All these factors help make The Dot Group what it is today, giving us a unique proposition as the first and final word in global student living.

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